4 декабря 2010 г.

New inspiration

В закладки. Мини-альбомом, который делается из обычных бумажных пакетов:

Вот что получается в итоге:

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  1. Hi, Calendula!

    I saw your comment on my blog ~ thank you so much! :D I so appreciate your comment about my crafts.

    I am willing to ship anywhere that USPS will send mail, so as long as USPS goes there then I will ship there. However, I am sold out of the kits for his year. Please email me at thescrapbeach@gmail.com, if you'd like more information about DVD purchases or custom album orders.


    ~Kathryn :D

  2. Thank you, Kathryn,
    I AM your huge fan! :)
    Will be in touch through e-mail!